Palazzo Rosso

Surrounded by greenery of its immense estate, Cascina Palazzo Rosso has ancient origins. Built way back in 1627 at the behest of Count Romagnano, who chose this area because apposimamente most suitable for the cultivation of grapes and wine production. winning choice if you think that the business has been passed down through the centuries until it reaches the hands of the Giachino family, which now manages this company with passion and genuine dedication.
The vineyards replanted fully respecting the environment and the ancient methods of cultivation, cover 25 hectares of a typically hilly area.
The name of the farm was also famous by the glorious memories of the visits that the sovereign Piedmontese Vittorio Emanuele III He performed frequently attracted by the incomparable delight of its wines, the result of selected grapes and a lovely work done with loving care.
The gentle slopes, typical of Roero, are located so that a full exposure to the sun and facilitate the draining of rainwater, key features to get an extraordinary grape maturation.

Our Location

Indirizzo: Str. Borgo S. Martino, 12060 Pocapaglia CN, Italia